Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2 on Tuesday

I'm linking up with my sweet friend, Andrea, for 2 on Tuesday. Today, we have the option of two questions:

2 on Tuesday

Many fall shows are starting up again this week. What two shows are you most looking forward to?


What two cleaning products make your life easier?

I think I'll answer both, just for the heck of it.

We don't have cable, so most of my every day shows are on the main stations. {Yes, I do love me some Real Housewives, but I have my mom DVR them for me, ha}

I love Glee! Now, I can't sing very well, but I sure do enjoy pretending to. And this show is my fix!

My other show would DEFINITELY be Modern Family. Y'all this show is just like my family, well, the Sophia Vergara and Ed O'Neill family. The heavy Spanish accent, not understanding what she is saying, saying the wrong thing b/c she's trying to be literal with her English, TALKING LOUD, etc. Yep, this is my family (not me, my mom, her sisters, their friends, etc). I have some hilarious stories of things that were said when they meant to say something else. We are a comedy in the making during family time. So I watch this and laugh because I feel like I'm watching our family on TV.

Now on to cleaning products:

Ever since I was little, my grandmother always mopped the floors with Fabuloso. I love the smell of it and it's amazing at getting my floors sparkly clean. I'm sure I will always use this because it reminds me of my grandmothers as well.

I use kitchen spray with bleach EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. First, I love the smell of a super clean kitchen, and I just love the way it takes everything stain off the counters. Well, I also feel good that it'll kill any bacteria too.

So that's it. What are you favorite shows and cleaning products?


  1. I love Modern Family but I just couldn't keep watching Glee. I tried though. Really hard.

  2. We have the two same favorites! :)

    Your family sounds like they need their own sitcom or reality show. I love Sofia Vergara's accent!

    I am your newest follower!

  3. so here's a funny. i had a male coworker when I lived and worked in SC, and he loved fabulouso. he told me he used to simmer it on the stove!! because it smelled good. and once he poured it into his fountain instead of water and i actually had to move offices because the cleaning smell was so awful.

  4. Did you watch New Girl after Glee on Tuesday! Super cute. I have been waiting all summer for this show. You'd love it!