Tuesday, September 13, 2011

2 on Tuesday- Island Essentials

Hi Everyone! I'm participating with Andrea again for 2 on Tuesdays. Check out her blog and link up for this fun party!

2 on Tuesday

Today's question was:

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what two items would you wish to have with you? (I know you’ll have more than two. I would have one million. It’s ok if you share more than two.)

SO here goes:

Since I'm apparently by myself on this island, I will need this to keep myself in a good mood b/c it has my songs, pictures and movies on it (on my island, the battery will never die). Anyone that knows me, knows I love to dance. And my son seems to be taking after me as he'll break it down anywhere. (ha!)

I'd also need some face cream with sunscreen. As I mentioned in one of my prior posts, I love Bobbi Brown's face cream and it has SPF 25. So I'll be taking that with me!

Since this is a dream, my body is a rocking, so I'll be sporting this bikini as well. (Hey, it's my island, I can do what I want to)

So that's it! What would you bring?


  1. That bathingsuit is so cute!!! Great list! :-)

  2. Oh I put my iPhone too!! Glad I am not the only one!! Hope there's a place on this deserted island where we can plug in!! ;)

  3. I would totally bring my iPhone! And you and Nat (can y'all count as 1?) so we can party!! xoxo

  4. Love the bathing suit! So cute!

  5. of course it is a dream! did you see I am stranded with ryan gosling? so you can have a rocking bikini bod if you want. :)