Wednesday, August 24, 2011

This or That Tag

Tag: This or That?

I really love this tag! It is such a good idea!!! This way we can all get to know each other a bit more...
So here goes.....

[blush or bronzer] I LOVE LOVE LOVE blush!

[lip gloss or lipstick] I'm a lipgloss kind of gal. I honestly only wear lipstick when I have to.

[eye liner or mascara] DEFINITELY MASCARA. I cannot leave the house without mascara.

[foundation or concealer] Concealer. I'm a mom and have allergies= circles under my eyes.

[neutral or color eye shadow] I've always been a neutral shadow person. Unless I have to wear a bright color for an event.

[pressed or loose eye shadows] I like the idea behind the loose shadows, but I can't stand how they get everywhere. Going with pressed on this one.

[brushes or sponges] Brushes. There are a few foundations that I prefer a sponge, but for the most part, I like the look a brush leaves on the skin.

[OPI or china glaze] OPI

[Long or short] Short. Can't stand long (on me).

[Acrylic or natural] NATURAL BABY! Although, I do like the shellac, it was WAY too expensive for my taste.

[Brights or darks ] I wear brights all Spring and Summer, but I REALLY love dark polishes for fall/winter.

[Flower or no flower] On my nails, uhm, NO.

[perfume or body splash] Perfume.

[lotion or body butter] Body butter in the winter (I have really dry skin), but lotion for the Summer. I don't like it feeling so heavy in the humid months.

[body wash or soap] Body wash. Soap is drying.

[lush or other bath company] Lush is ok, but I find other products that cost less.

[jeans or sweat pants] If I go out, jeans. When I’m home, sweatpants.

[long sleeve of short] Long sleeve for winter only, short for all other times.

[dresses or skirts] Dresses. Love them!

[stripes or plaid] Hmmm...depends on the season, I guess.

[flip flops or sandals] Flip flops. Especially Havianna’s! But then again, I love my Bonano's sandals, so maybe BOTH?

[scarves or hats] Scarves. Love how they can complete an outfit.

[studs or dangly earrings] I wear studs on a daily basis. I only wear dangly earrings if I'm going for a certain look.

[necklaces or bracelets] Bracelets! Hello stacking!

[heels or flats] Heels for work and going out. Flats all the other times.

[cowboy boots or riding boots] Riding boots, duh, haven't you seen all my posts about my never ending search for the perfect pair. HA!

[jacket or hoodie] Jacket! I live in FL, but have a closet full of them.

[forever 21 or charlotte russe] F21

[abercombie or Hollister] Neither.

[saks 5th or Nordstrom] NORDSTROMS!!

[curly or straight] I would say wavy. My natural hair is somewhat wavy

[bun or ponytail] Definitely pony tail. Classic and easy.

[bobby pins or butterfly clips] Bobby Pins.

[hair spray or gel] Hair spray. I think the last time I used gel was in 6th grade?

[long or short] Oh definitely on me, long. I've tried short and wasn't for me.

[light or dark] I guess dark, b/c that's what my natural color is. Dark blonde/light brown

[side sweep bangs or full bangs] I've tried both, but for me, I think side sweep looks best.

[up or down] I would like to wear it down all the time, but I do wear it up sometimes.

[Rain or shine] I love rain when it's at night or during a nap time.

[Summer or winter] Winter! (U was married in Winter)

[Fall or spring] Fall

[Chocolate or vanilla] Chocolate ALL THE WAY!

[East coast or west coast] Well, I live in the East coast, but LOVE the West coast.

Okay, so now I tag all of you.

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