Friday, August 5, 2011

Planning out my days

S will be starting school in less than 2 weeks!! Okay, so it's not full time school, he's only going 3 days a week for half days, but it's still a huge milestone in our family. Oh, and the best part, my husband will actually be home to take part in it. When he told me that he is going to be home for a few days and it just happen to be on his first day of school, I shed a tear and had chills. It's not often that he gets to be a part of these milestones b/c of his job. I'm sure I'll be like the paparazzi on that fun day, so pics will be posted....
Anyhow, here is where I need your help. With S starting school, I feel like I need to plan things out now that I will have a few hours to myself (GASP!). So friends, what kind of planners do you recommend. I always carry a big tote purse, so size isn't an issue.
I'm off to work today. Have a bride coming in and a mom having her makeup done for a family photo shoot.

Have a wonderful day!!

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