Monday, August 1, 2011

ELF mini haul

Hi loves! Hope everyone had a great weekend!
I was in Target in Tampa the other day and they had an amazing variety of ELF products. I had to snag a few items that I hadn't seen at my normal store back home.
These are my honest opinions, but please try them out for yourselves. For only $1-$3 per item, you won't break the bank trying them.

I know I've mentioned on this blog before how much I love cream blush, so when I saw these two, and only $2.50, I grabbed them.

The first one is the Golden Peach. It's a beautiful coral bronzy color. I've been in love with coral blushes this season, so I was super excited to try this.
Well, even though it was only $2.50, I wish I would've bought something else. The color doesn't even come off coral. It looks more like a highlight color. It's very frosty (blegh), definitely not a good cheek color.

Unfortunately, I won't be using it as a cheek color, but I may use it as a highlight.

The next color I picked up was Pink Lemonade. It's a beautiful bright pink color. Pink is such a gorgeous color on most people, again, I was so excited to try this on. I will say, of the two, this was definitely my favorite! The color pay off was amazing! It's also a matte blush, my favorite. I used this all of my cheeks for a perfect pink flushed look.

This will definitely be a keeper!!

The last thing I bought is a cuticle oil pen. It was only $1, and I love it!

So that's it. Hope y'all are having a great Monday!

P.S. You like my new nail color? It's not ELF, but Isn't it cute? It's Sally Hansen "Time to Shine."

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  1. I love ELF. I just recently bought an eye shadow pallet for $5 and fell in love. I never expected to like it so much and I get great compliments.

  2. I've never used ELF, but I'm wearing that same nail polish at the moment- ha!