Monday, October 3, 2011

Makeup Monday

I thought I'd start a new series on the blog. Makeup Monday! Maybe we can do a link up of what you wore the week before? I received a few emails of people that were interested, so we'll see.

Here are some of my "looks" from this past weekend:

Smokey eye with blues:

Sorry for the crazy look on my face (ha!), I was trying to show the color a bit more.

Need a way to color block on your eyes? Use different pops of color.

Use a liner subtly in the bottom lashline:

And if you really want a pop if color, use it a bit more intense on the bottom lashline.

Another view:

You can't really see in these pics, but I'm wearing an indigo purple on my eyes.

So, what did you wear this past week?

If you have any questions regarding products used, feel free to email me.

Happy Makeup Monday!
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  1. I love when you do makeup posts! You're genius! Love the subtle lower lash liner.

  2. I love!!! Which colors/products did you use??