Sunday, October 9, 2011

Makeup Monday

Happy Monday friends! Hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was spent being busy, busy, busy.

Here are some of the looks from this past week:

Yesterday was a relaxed day. Most Sundays I wear more comfy makeup look. I decided to do a bold eyeliner (bright purple) just in the top and that's it.

Products used:
MAC Orb eyeshadow
MAC Rich Purple Chromographic pencil
MAC Graphblack liner in upper waterline
MAC Dainty mineral blush
MAC lipliner in Dervish
MAC Syrup lipstick

Purple is one of my favorite colors! Especially in green eyes, talk about popping!
Light purple smokey eyes:

Products used:
MAC Stars n Rockets eyeshadow
MAC Graphblack liner in waterline
MAC Dame blush
MAC Show Orchid lipstick
MAC Magenta lipliner

This is one of my favorite looks for Fall. I wish I would've gotten a better pic of just the eyelid (sorry for the creepy close up).
I call this look "Leaves of Fall". The colors used were gold, brown and orange. Just like the colors of leaves right now.

Products used:
MAC Goldmine eyeshadow
MAC Embark eyeshadow
MAC Saffron eyeshadow
MAC Powersurge liner on bottom
MAC Graphblack liner in upper waterline
Not pictured for this look:
MAC Sunbasque blush
MAC neon orange lipstick

So what did you wear this past week?

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  1. I wish I could hire you to do my makeup every day!!