Tuesday, October 11, 2011

2 on Tuesday

Hi Friends! I'm linking up with Andrea from My Chihuahua Bites for 2 on Tuesady.

2 on Tuesday

This week's topic:

Tell me your two biggest fashion mistakes. Shoulder pads? Bike shorts? Banana clips? I want to hear it.

I went to Catholic school from 4th grade to 12th grade, so I had to wear a uniform most of the days. But, this did not save me from the disaster fashions of the 80's and early 90's. HA!

I will openly admit that I wore bike shorts with the shirts that had the banana type clip on the side. I also wore the shirts that doubled as a skirt because they had the extra little ruffle at the bottom. Oh wait! What about the skirt/bike shorts. Not skorts, the actual skirt and shorts in one piece.

I went through a phase, I clearly remember this, I think I was in 7th/8th grade, which I thought boy clothes were way cooler than the girly clothes. I'm sure my parents were wondering were this was going when I pleaded with them if I could wear rugby with jeans and then roll the ankles. Oh how I wish I had the pictures to show y'all.

Speaking of rolling the ankles on jeans...after making sure the jeans were rolled so tight that my foot was numb, I'd go back and scrunch at least two different colored socks underneath.

I can't say that I ever wore banana clips in my hair, because I had such fine hair back then, that it would fall out. My hair still is pretty fine, I just have a lot of it now. But that sure didn't stop me from layering 3 scrunchies in my hair to the side.

Okay, not that I've probably dated myself and can't believe I'm admitting to all this, what fashion mistake have you made? Come on, TELL ME!


  1. haha, too funny. I couldn't even do this linkup for fear that I would reveal my true nerd-clothes self. :)

    Also, the shaklee giveaway I posted about in the Two on Tuesday linkup a few weeks ago is up - check it out and enter to win!! http://the2smiths.blogspot.com/2011/10/shaklee-review-and-chance-to-win.html

  2. bike shorts! i don't think I could pull them off even when I was in the 6th grade. i did the shirt pulled to the side with the banana clip too. do you remember mood clothing?