Monday, August 9, 2010

Since we can never get enough...

Another mascara review is in order!
Thanks to one of my friends and reader of my blog, Jill, who told me about this fabulous mascara.
Since the Falsies was a major fail for me, I had to go try something else and I wasn't in the mood to spend a lot of money on anything. I went to the local Target and picked up this lovely. Maybelline XXL PRO Extensions Mascara

Ladies, seriously, this mascara DOES NOT BUDGE! I tried and reviewed the waterproof mascara for the past two weeks. I use MAC's Cleanse off oil, which takes everything off your face, and this still doesn't come off. Most of the mascaras I use are waterproof, for two reasons: 1) my clients (brides, photoshoots, etc) must have waterproof 2) I need to test the formula to make sure it's actually waterproof. As much as I really like the Colossal waterproof mascara, it wasn't TRULY waterproof. As evidenced by my Lauren Conrad eyes when I went in the pool a few times.

This mascara has two steps to it. The first side, which is clearly marked with a number 1, is white. It's a microfiber basecoat. This is used to tame and control your lashes as well as add volume. {Your lashes will look WHITE after this application} Before the coat is completely dry, you apply Step 2. The second side, marked Step 2, is your colored mascara. You sweep this on top of the white lashes. As I applied the mascara, my lashes definitely appeared longer and more enhanced.

Here are my likes and dislikes of the mascara:


Lashes do appear to be more full and voluminous

Basecoat helps to separate individual lashes

With the second coat, you can extend out the lashes

Formula is very creamy, not once has it made my lashes clump


The handle of the mascara is too short, I know this may sound petty, but for someone who is always working with mascara, I like a longer handle

You have to be quick with Step 2, if the white dries then you have to comb through the lashes a bit. (it happened to me, but the mascara still wasn't clumpy, so it's not really a dislike, just advise, ha!}

Here's a picture of me with the mascara. Yes, I have somewhat long lashes, but this mascara really kicks them up a few notches!

Let me know if you end up buying this and what you think.


  1. Yay thanks for doing another mascara review! I totally avoided buying Falsies thanks to you :) This one makes your lashes look amazing! I'm headed to Target today so I might have to get some!

  2. LOVE your blog! Can't wait to hear your fall tips!

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  4. I have this mascara and the first time I wore it my boyfriend took one look at me and told me that my eyelashes looked 'large and in charge' - I took that as a compliment! I love this mascara BUT I agree with the short handle - it's awkward to use.

    p.s. found your blog through Shasta and I'll def be following along.