Monday, August 30, 2010

Another mascara review....

Covergirl came out with a new mascara about a month ago called Lashfusion. What?!? Something new that I haven't tried? You know it was in my cart faster than you could blink. As usual, I got the waterproof version of the mascara. I really wanted to like this mascara, but it didn't happen.
According to the Covergirl website, this mascara is supposed to thicken and extend the look of your natural lashes (isn't every mascara supposed to do that) and add Super Volumizing + Buildable Fiber Strength lengthening to the lashes.

Here's the problem. The brush is one of the plastic bristle brushes. These brushes never do it for me. My biggest pet peeve about this brush is that the tip of the brush, which you would normally use to get either the smaller lashes or the outer lashes, has no bristles!! What is that about?!?
I will say, the formula was very nice, it didn't clump at all. Yes, you could go back after your first coat, add a second coat without the spider looking lashes. I can say, CG is correct in saying it is a buildable mascara.

But, in my book, this mascara is a FAIL for personal use. Since I use disposable wands on my clients, I'll probably use this mascara in my kit since I did like the formula.

Back to the drawing board.....


  1. when are you coming out with YOUR OWN PERFECT mascara? :)
    -and letting me sample it of course ;) lol

  2. Sorry, you've probably said this before, but why always waterproof? My eyes are so sensitive to makeup remover I generally don't use it unless I'm in the water or rain.

  3. I would love to come out with my OWN mascara. When I do, you'll be the first to try it. :)

    I test waterproof because that's what I have to use on my clients (mostly bridal). The formula is usually a bit different from the regular. I also do this for consistency amongst my reviews.
    Yes, the waterproof formula can be a bit tougher on the eyes, since it's supposed to stand up to so much, but what type of makeup remover are you using? Have you ever tried using oil to take off all your makeup? I have sensitive skin and this hasn't bothered my skin one bit. It'll take EVERYTHING off.