Thursday, November 5, 2009

NEW MASCARA! Lashlights by Too Faced....

This past weekend, Too Faced Cosmetics debuted a new mascara called Lashlights. Now ladies, I know we are all on a constant search for the "PERFECT" mascara, and I think this is pretty close to it. I have been a Diorshow addict for the past 2 years. I love DIORSHOW. But I am willing to test out others as they come out...

Here is the skinny on the new mascara:

The formula has microscopic mirrors that bounce the light off your eyelashes all day long, this, in turn, gives your eyelashes a glossy look and makes you look like you've just applied mascara to your lashes.

The wand has Optic blue LED light which allows you to see ALL of your lashes when applying your mascara.

The formula has a combination of Vitamins E and C so you do not need a primer. This will keep your lashes feeling nourished and lovely all at once!

And on top of everything, there is a cute little mirror on the side of the mascara tube. Hello, easy way to apply the mascara. No more digging in your purse for a mirror or looking in the rear view mirror for those of you ( that apply mascara in the car.

The price point isn't so bad, it's up there with the Diorshow, YSL, Fiberwig @$25. But, I think it's totally worth it! Right now, it's an exclusive buy at Sephora, so if you go and try it, let me know what you think.

I've already tried this mascara and LOVE it!

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