Thursday, April 15, 2010

The never ending quest....

Yes, I'll admit it, I am a mascara hoarder. I try all kinds until I find one that I cannot live without. Even once I find one I love, I am still on the prowl for the next great one.
I follow a bunch of beauty guru's on You tube and some of them have talked about this mascara, so I decided to try it out myself.
I will admit, I had my hesitations about it. I just wasn't sure if the quality was going to be there.
To my surprise it was.
I bought the waterproof Colossal mascara by Maybelline when it was on sale at CVS. I have to say, I am totally in love with this mascara. For now, it has replaced my Diorshow, YSL, well.....everything.
The brush is very similar to Diorshow's wand. I, personally, love big fluffy wands. They add more volume to your lashes.
Colossal also has collagen in the formula which helps plump and build up your lashes.
So there it is ladies, this is my new GO TO mascara. And, honestly, for $5-$6 a tube, it's worth trying it. That's why I did.

If there are any other products you'd like for me to review, or if you have questions about a makeup product, email me.


  1. LOVE this!! Thanks so much for the tip!

  2. Coolio! My friend asked for tips on mascara that won't smudge under her eyes - do you have any tips? I suggested waterproof, non-clumpy types, maybe even a sealant like Benefit Shelaq. I barely have any lashes myself so it's hard for me to say what else... curious what my other MUA friends would suggest! :D

  3. does this one lengthen as well? i have little stubby lashes and need something to make them looong!!

  4. @Audrey: I would say yes, to waterproof mascara on the bottom lashes. Even using benefit's powderflage (that also highlights) to prevent the mascara from touching a creamy concealer may help.

    @Mrs. Darling: This one does lengthen. It has collagen in it to help boost the volume and length of the lashes.

  5. I've had this mascara for a while but didn't pay much attention to it bc I always go for my YSLs but after seeing everyone write about it I decided to give it another try and I am obsessed!

  6. Hi, I am JUST like you! I am always looking for a 'better' mascara. I did a post on all my mascaras... I often have something like 12 open mascaras in the drawer...! Well that's also because I worked at MAC and I could describe mascaras best if I had tried them myself!