Saturday, January 9, 2010

January Photo Shoot Modernized Fairy Tales

This past week, I had the pleasure of working with some amazing photographers for a "Modernized Fairytales" photo shoot at Ottis Castle in Vilano Beach, FL. I have never been inside Castle Otttis before, although, I have driven by it many times. It is gorgeous on the outside, but breathtaking inside. It has three levels plus a rooftop which you can see for miles in every direction. The spiral staircases makes you think of the animated fairtytales we used to watch when we were little. Now, just because I said that this castle was in Vilano Beach, FL, does not mean that is was a warm and sunny day at the beach. It was quite the contrary. This day, the thermometer was registering a windy 45 degrees. It was so cold and windy, that, I, at one point, had to stop myself from applying liquid eyeliner on Stephanie because my hand was shaking so bad. We all got a little laugh out of it, though. As the sun started setting, the day got colder, so we bundled up as best we could and kept a brave face for the poor models that were shivering. In the end, the pictures turned out spectacular. I can't wait to work with these photographers and models again.



Cinderella (My model)

All the Makeup Artists and models

It was so cold at the end of the night, that I wore my ski jacket, which I never thought I would be wearing in Florida!

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  1. I saw some of these popping up on Facebook. I SO wish I could have modeled for this one. Love the images that were caught! I didn't realize you were in Jax!? You did an AMAZING job. Hopefully we will cross paths one day (=