Thursday, April 7, 2011


One of my sweetest friends, Natalie, and I went in a day roadtrip yesterday. We went to the Stephen Bonannos factory to order these beauties.
Ever since our girls weekend back in January, we've been talking about how much we both wanted some Stephen Bonanno sandals. Since it will take a few weeks before we actually receive them, {we are both getting monogrammed sandals}, we knew we had to get the order in early Spring so we could sport our lovely sandals the rest of the Summer and Fall. You can pretty much wear sandals in FL most of the year.
There are many boutiques that you cab order the sandals from, but, since it was our first time, we thought it'd be best to go down to Stuart. Good thing we did! I usually wear a size 8.5-9 shoe. I ended up ordering an 8 bottom with a 9 top strap for one foot and a 9.5 top strap for my other {I have a high instep}.
Melanie at the factory was such a doll and was SO patient with us. She even helped us coordinate our colors. Everything is custom made and handmade. You can tell only the finest materials are used to make these sandals.
I may just have to go down there every time to order just to see them again. And the best part, we got to meet Stephen Bonanno! He was the nicest man ever and super sweet. So if you're in the market for some new sandals for Spring and Summer, you NEED to check these out!

How cute is the pink palm tree?
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  1. OK wait a were in MY TOWN, right down the street from where I work!!! Yay, aren't they fabulous? Hope you had fun getting lovely sandals and meeting Vivian and Stephen! I have WAY too many Bonannos for my own good!